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Adopting a DevOps culture is absolutely essential for enterprises seeking success in the cloud. DevOps enables you to continuously release new features and innovations, as well as deliver services and features that can be created to offer specific functionality and benefits to a variety of deployment end points.
Techops Inc's DevOps expertise, gives you the tools to develop a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI|CD) workflow pipeline for easy development, testing and operations. Our AWS certified DevOps engineers and Professional Solution Architects help you construct the right CI|CD pipeline for your needs. Take advantage of this unique offering and accelerate your development, integration, testing and validation workflows.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

CI/CD is a software engineering practice which evolved to support extreme and agile programming methodologies. It covers Code Quality Analysis, Continuous Integration, Continuous QA, Release Management, and Continuous Deployment to QA, pre‐production and production environments in a highly automated manner.
Techops Inc has helped young startups as well as enterprises to design, deploy and manage mature continuous integration, build engineering and continuous delivery strategies. It has helped our customers to:


  1. Accelerated release cycles by automating repetitive tasks.
  2. Improved Code quality by implementing pre‐commit validations.
  1. Automate workflows to upgrade pre‐production and production environments.
  2. Continuous Collaboration & Communication across Development, QA, Support & Operations teams.
  1. Reduction in deployment and support costs.

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